Pangea Update Log

January 2023 //

  • Pangea now requires Kontakt 7.1.5 or above
  • Compatible with NKS including updated snapshots 
  • Updated presets and preset categories
  • All new, smoother and crystal clear filters on LOW CUT and HIGH CUT (featuring new adaptive resonance tech). The whole instrument has a noticeably clearer, livelier and more transparent sound. Also, when the filters are swept (either with the controls or the Motion engine), they are much smoother - more like the filters on an analogue synth.
  • When an instrument preset is selected, it stays highlighted, even after a project has been closed and reopened at a later date.
  • Sequencer systems replaced with much improved tech. In KEY SYNC mode, the sequencers can now be used like envelopes, increasing the versatility of the instrument. When in DAW SYNC, the sequencer responds more smoothly, especially when pressing play at the start of a bar in a DAW. 
  • Amount indicator on the motion strength control.
  • Streamlining to reduce CPU usage.
  • All new LFO presets. Each LFO has a number of standard and special effect presets.
  • Slight updates on the RESET FX protocols (auto quantise off and LFOs turned down but switched on)