Hinterland AI - Sample Pack

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Hinterland AI delves into the realms of barren wastelands and desolate alien landscapes, set against the ever-growing threat of AI. Inspired by the harshness and otherworldly beauty of our planet and the stunning vistas / soundscapes depicted in some of our favourite movies such as Prometheus, The Revenant, Raised By Wolves, Arrival & The Dark Knight Rises.

From the studios of real-life analog machines Snakes Of Russia, Sombre Lux, Matthew Simms, 0 0 0, Berch, Jacob Maloney, Dean Valentine and SWANN.

Made using Eurorack modular synths, Lyra 8, Juno 106, SH101, Moog Model D, Novation Peak, Fender Jazzmaster guitar, human voice and processing including Overstayer Modular Channel, Empirical Labs Distressor, Retro Mechanical Labs Distortion Tape machines, Supro Blues King Amp, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Knas Moisturizer.

All sounds tracked by Tunesat.


“The quality of these samples and the amount of time that I’m sure went into creating it is unmatched and I truly am grateful I bought it.. I’ve used so many of those sounds and they are so raw and organic and just the type of vibe I’m going for..”

- Cole Johnson, Music Producer / Composer

48khz WAVS & AIFFS drag & drop

150 + Crafted samples

Redeemed via Pulse Downloader

One Shots, Drones, Evolving Atmos, Loops, Perc & Risers

Compatible with all software including

Logic Pro X, Ableton, Luna, Fruity Loops

Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, After Effects

And many more


“After a 30 seconds rummage, these are some of the most magnificent samples I’ve heard. Really looking forward to getting to work”

- Dan Ross - Music Industry