Pangea - Kontakt Instrument


With raw and visceral analog synths, epic cinematic textures and dystopian sound design, this instrument stands alone in the market. Pangea has been meticulously crafted to capture the unique nuances of the rare synths sampled, creating an immersive analog experience inside of Kontakt.

• Dystopian Sound Design & Cinematic Beauty Combined • Raw, Visceral & Epic Analog Synths • A true analog experience inside of Kontakt • Innovative Motion Engine and killer Multi-Fx chains • Truly inspiring sounds straight out of the box • Perfect for film / trailer composers & producers alike

Kontakt Player 7.1.5 or above.

All sounds tracked by Tunesat.


"A force to be reckoned with"

Chris Underoath


From the Pangea Official Trailer // ‘Listen To Them Burning’ layered using Pangea by Andre Oliveira

Presets used: Hear Them Burning, The Unheard Scream, Low Impact, Down We Go, Pangea Rises, Hit After Hit, Hit Bright, Hit Impact, Hit Impact Low

"Analog Goodness"

Pedram Mehrshahi

Kontakt 7.1.5 or above

• Kontakt 7 Player (free version) compatible

NKS Compatible


222 Presets

Redeemed via Native Access

Rhythmic, Leads & Distorted, Atmospheres, Pulses, One-Shots & Hits & SFX

Crafted using Juno 60, DX7, Eurorack modular synths, Lyra 8, Moog Voyager, Juno 106, SH101, Moog Model D, Novation Peak, Overstayer Modular Channel, Empirical Labs Distressor, Retro Mechanical Labs Distortion Tape machines, Schiedmayer Celesta, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Knas Moisturizer, Korg MS-10, Arp Odyssey, Juno 6, WEM Copi-Cat Tape Delay, Spring King reverb, Moog Subsequent, Sequential Prophet 5, Korg Minilogue, 4MS Noise Swash, Eventide Pitchfactor

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Turing // Pangea Promo - By Jacob Maloney & Dean Valentine

All Sounds Made From Pangea

Dystopian Sound Design & Cinematic Beauty Combined

"By the way, I just played around with Pangea for a minute and I’m already super thrilled about the amazing content. I don’t think I have seen/heard such cool multi-fx chains in any previous library before. They really turn the source sounds into incredible soundscapes."



Martin Krause,


Formed over a year-long collaboration between Infinite Samples and the genius mind of Kontakt engineer David Hicks from Dark Sky Audio.

Featuring patches & presets from Matthew Simms, SWANN, Snakes of Russia, Synthmonk, 0 0 0, Dark Matter, Andre Oliveira, Jacob Maloney, Dean Valentine, David Hicks & Michael Sanderson.

"I'm getting sounds I don't get anywhere else"

Dean Valentine, Film/Trailer composer, Dunkirk, American Sniper, Halloween Kills

How To Make Epic Sounds // Part One

How To Make Epic Sounds // Part Two


"Pangea is a genuinely unique instrument that seamlessly traverses traditional and experimental tonal palettes, sounds massive, is well-optimised and has found a space in every project I have worked on since downloading it and I feel like I’m still scratching the surface. A clear labour of love and one of the best software instruments I own."

Piers Ward, Composer

ffaux x PANGEA

Raw, Visceral & Epic Analog Synths


Coding/Software Development - David Hicks for Dark Sky Audio

Development/Creative Direction - Rich Northen & Matthew Simms for Infinite Samples

Samples/Presets - Matthew Simms, SWANN, Snakes Of Russia, Jacob Maloney, 0 0 0 & Dean Valentine, Dark Matter, Synthmonk, Andre Oliveira, David Hicks & Michael Sanderson.

Temple Imagery by - Denys Nevozhai

Special thanks to Michael Scherchen, Chris Dudley, Nicolas Felix, Raouf Rectobiasi, Ignis Santander, Kevin Swain, Sally Herbert , Simon Astall and Pedram Mehrshahi